Coventry and Rugby Groups

Depression Group

Session 1: Introductions, The Vicious Cycle of Depression, Changing Behaviours and Physiology
Session 2: The Six Different Types of Activity, Activity Planning, Understanding Anxiety, Relaxation
Session 3: Increasing Motivation, Sleep Cycles, Thinking Errors, Thought Records
Session 4: Thought Challenging, weighing up the evidence, Mindfulness Practice
Session 5: Thought Challenging, Crisis Survival Strategies, Self-Soothing
Session 6: Challenging Repeating Thoughts, Levels of Thinking
Session 7: Relapse Prevention, Problem Solving, Maintaining Motivation
Session 8: Relapse Prevention Plan, Review, Goodbyes

Stress Management

Session 1: What is stress management and controlling the physical symptoms
Session 2: Managing the physical symptoms
Session 3: Thinking your way out of stress
Session 4: Managing worry and acting your way out of stress
Session 5: Getting out of your comfort zone
Session 6: Maintaining your progress and the future


Session 1: Introduction to CBT & Diabetes
Session 2: Valuing myself and my future
Session 3: Managing behaviours and Diabetes
Session 4: Challenging unhelpful thinking and Diabetes
Session 5: Stress, Worry and Diabetes
Session 6: Sleep, Relaxation and Diabetes
Session 7: Acceptance and caring for myself with Compassion
Session 8: Review and Relapse Planning

Long-term Conditions and ACT

Week 1: Introduction to the course and the ACT approach
Week 2: Values and Goal Setting
Week 3: ACT Matrix and Formulation
Week 4: Being present, building awareness and mindfulness
Week 5: Being open, diffusion and developing a willingness to experience unwanted obstacles
Week 6: Doing what matters – committed action towards our values
Week 7: Relapse prevention and maintaining progress

Perinatal Group

This is a relatively new course ran by our service champions. The course is looking to go live in September 2021. We will update you with more information as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.


Session 1: Understanding PTSD, PTSD and the brain, grounding techniques
Session 2: Psychoeducation on anxiety and managing the physical symptoms of anxiety. Introducing safe place imagery
Session 3: How to manage flashbacks and dissociation
Session 4: Understanding and re-scripting nightmares and the use of compassion focused techniques
Session 5: Understanding low mood/depression, breaking free from rumination and how to maintain progress